Note: Click on screen if control is not working.
This is for the 1 Button Game Jam. It's a full browser based game and the controls should be easy to pick up in comparison to the story which I didn't have time to add all the elements for.

(1) Music From

(2) Sound Effects From

(3) Additional Art Assests From


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what i download this thing for play Forager

Hey, it's a great looking game, but it's not attached to me at all.  Here's the link to game:

And, I included the Steam trailer because I thought it look amazing. Thanks for telling me about the game. :D

*Hi my name is Emerys and i have pay/donate 5 dollar for Forager demo and my problem is i cant replay my saved file can you maybe tell me why?

Forager demo?  I didn't make that game, sorry.