This is for the DRY GAME JAM
Game Controls
Controls (In case you miss it in-game):
Shadow will help player make it across the rope. 

Arrow Keys: To control male character. 

About the Template (If I were to sell it.):

Wouldn't be nice to have simple lipsync or mouth flapping as seen in anime or adventure games. Well that's what this game template aims to show. 

  • included are all uncompressed and unmodified pngs of game.
  • capx with all the code and compressed pngs that are used to create the lip sync. 
  • Notes in comments to better understand how to record your own dialog and animate them. 
  • Bonus: I'll can send you a SVG that can be opened in Adobe products or Inkscape containing the mouths for you to edit and use for your own characters.  

Other Notes: 
 Rope added, lol, I thought the theme of the JAM was #DRY when I started. I will be glad just not to be kicked out. I had  a lot of fun and learned a lot not using any outside 3rd party plug-ins (like animating mouths).  Since it's not that complex, I don't feel I should sell it, but anyone can message me if they want help on animating mouths while someone talks. 


Programs Used:
Construct 2: Game Engine 
Blender: For 3D Text
Inkscape: For Vector Art

Audacity: Sound Editing:

Cheery Monday: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Special Thanks to Pam for voicing the other character.

Additional Graphics I did not make:

Blue City Scene:


DRYGameJamRopeSource.capx 5 MB

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